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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


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story of story writing..


First of all,i am not a professional writer not even know the correct way of writing.But hopefully,i have written one short romantic story.If you want to checkout my story,click down below the cover page of my story.
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So,if you ask me or i have to answer this question-how to write stories??

Being,not a professional writer,but just because i have written one short story,i want to just express my thoughts on how to write stories??

See,everyone knows,every story has 3 segment.

In first segment-characters are introduced.

In second segment-The action part.

And the third segment- conclusion.

So,i personally think,if you want to write stories,atleast you should have an idea of you story,how you begin your story and how you endup.The climax or conclusion of a story should be impusive.It should be something like unpredictable or heart touching.
And in the middle section,you should have to be creative.How you let your story to an end,which you like to.This segment of your story shows,how much weight does your story carry.In this segment you have to more creative.

Writing story is like you have to play both the role(HERO and VILLAIN) on the paper.And you have to really take care about both the characters.

See,it is known to everybody,that at the end hero won.Most probably this is common with every story.The most important is how and in what situation your hero won.

So for a good story THINK DIFFERENT and CREATIVE.

Tuesday, May 21, 2019


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A Story of Romance
by-pritam tirkey

Chapter-13:Akansha intoxicated in love

(Next day,morning)

This morning except Akansha,everybody was on time.Aryan was on the first bench...
(Class was contineous..)

AKANSHA-may i come in mam.(she was drunk,not on her wits.she couldnt able to stand properly without any support.Her leg was shivering.She was holding a cigarette in one hand,her appearance was vulgar,her hair was open......)

MAM(shouting on her)-who the hell you are,this is the way to enter the class...Akansha enter in the class by the support of wall....

AKANSHA-Now, you are getting very much interesting mam.

MAM-Yukk...oh no...(Akansha was smelling so bad,and she starts smoking in the class...Aryan cameout from his bench,he tried to control Akansha...)

AKANSHA-hey,who are you❓and why are you touching me.dont touch

(Aryan step back...mam hold her hand and took her to the Dean..she got suspended from the college for a month...but she can stay in hostel..)
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-13-AKANSHA INTOXICATED IN LOVE-a short romantic storystoryteller#prtm

Now,she starts consuming almost every antitoxication thing(cigarette,alcohol, charas-ganja,....etc).And almost 24 hours she is in out of his wits.Now she dont care about herself nor she listen to anybody.She stopped eating mess food.Day by day her health is affecting badly.She remain continuously at one place. INTOXICATED IN LOVE-a short romantic story

(After 2 weeks...)

(At late afternoon,around 3pm)

Akansha carry gun on his hand and went to the boys hostel(Aryan room..),and she face the gun towards Aryan.And she was intoxicated is drunk..
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-13-AKANSHA INTOXICATED IN LOVE-a short romantic storyshort romantic love story-unnamed

AKANSHA-do you love me??

(Aryan in front of Akansha as well as gun...)

ARYAN-He simply shake his head(this means if you want then shoot me)

Akansha put gun on Aryan hand..

AKANSHA-you dont love me na??.shoot me.dont care about jail or police.see this,i have prepared suicide note also.....i am done man.And by the way,i am died⚰ from inside as well as outside,i am not gonna to survive longer...(smiling)

(Aryan was emotional,his eyes was full of tears..)

ARYAN-why❓what happen❓❓

AKANSHA(shouting)-if you dont love me,then why dont you shoot me....

Akansha fell down on the floor.Aryan scared,he tried to call her-Akansha,Akansha...he put water on her but,didnt work.He pulled Akansha on his hand and starts Ambulance was also not available at that time.He let her on his hand to the college hospital,but she was very serious,so they transferred her to the city hospital.Aryan also went with her.She got admitted in ICU.College authority informed her parents.And Aryan stayed with her in the hospital.He was literally crying,he used to remember all the moments that he had with her.......

next day at evening,her parents reached there.Aryan returned to his hostel.

First time,he switch on the light,as the room glows,his mother image become visible,which is slightly below the bulb.He keeps on seeing continuously his mother,his tears came out...

(Next morning)

finally he packed his own stuff and went to his home.He cried a lot in front of his mother..
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-13-AKANSHA INTOXICATED IN LOVE-a short romantic storyread stories-storyteller#prtm

ARYAN mom-hey,what happen.dont how long you have not taken bath,and please go for a hair cut first..

ARYAN mom-everything is fine,now go and fresh up....Aryan took the bath,it is kind of happier movement for the entire family.They did lunch together.Everyone was happy in Aryan's family...but...

(To be continue....)
unnamed-story of romance

Wednesday, May 15, 2019


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A Short Romantic Love Story
By-pritam tirkey

Chapter-12:Akansha smoked🚬
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic storylovely short story-UNNAMED

(This coming sunday,Akansha is invited for dinner,including Aryan by his mother.)

On saturday night.

Aryan called Akansha
storytellerSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic story

Aryan-hey,how are you??Arr you ready for tomorrow❓❔

Akansha-100%,i am very much excited to meet Aunty,and most importantly i am missing home food,so i am extremely glad......

Aryan-okk.....but....the thing is that i am not going.

Akansha-what❓❓.But why❓what is your problem man??After so long you will meet,you should be happy about this.......

Aryan(interrupting)-HOLD ON,First listen to me..........i am not ready.

Akansha-what do you mean by-i am not ready??you are not going for a interview for MNC,
If you will not go,then i am also not going.
Its done.
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic storyunnamed-story of romance

Aryan-see,i have my own emotions,reason..etc.But you dont have any serious reason.They have planned also, for tomorrow dinner.If either of us will no go,then it is a kind of heart breaking movement for them.
Please go,make that night worth it.......
see,i will drop you there and after that i will came also, to pick you.

Akansha(thinking)- if he wanted sometime then, let it be.I hope things will better with time.

Akansha-okay then.

(Next day,Sunday evening)

storyteller#prtm-love storySTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic story

Aryan dropped Akansha.She meet with his family...

Akansha-hello Aunty,how are you??

Aryan mom-i am good.what about you??

After she met Akansha,her eyes was searching for his son(Aryan),but she couldnt found.

Aryan mom-Aryan didnt come??

Akansha-Aunty,he wanted some time.I think he is now regretting...

Aryan mom-okk leave it,lets have a dinner,foods are getting cold..

(They all are doing dinner)

Akansha-Aunty,you did a great job.I am loving this food.Infact it is much better than my home food..........

Aryan mom-thankyou......but i dont know.....what should i favour to you,instead of what you...............

Akansha-Aunty,now i am enjoying this movement as well as food.why are you ruining this movement by talking this rubbish.I am not here for this....
It is not a big deal.The most important thing is your are fine.
I have not done a great job.Most importantly,i should say thank you for this lovely food.....

(After few minutes,dinner over.....)

At last,she made his mother believe that,dont worry, definitely he will come home very-very soon.........
Good night Aunty....

(Aryan was there to pick Akansha....they were in car)

Aryan-how was the food??


Aryan-okk,then.......she didnt send for me??

Akansha-ohh..ho, look at the ATTITUDE.I like this.
You dont want to go home.
You dont want to meet.
You dont even talk.
But you want food.....(smiling).It is like,your parents did a mistake to you.
Actually your mother was giving but i denied.

Aryan-And Because of that,i had not taken my dinner.And now i am hungry...

Akansha-No problem,take this,i am sure you will not feel anymore hungry..

Aryan(shocked)-when you have started smoking??
(Akansha was smoking in the car)
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic storyread love stories-storyteller#prtm

Akansha-Basically,i got an answer of why you dont love me??.which you was not giving.
Why you will love me??........
you are already in love with these antitoxication thing.(cigarette,alcohol....etc).So i thought,why dont i fell in love with these.may be things will change...........
(And throughout the the road,she was continuously smoking...)

(The love begins.......)

(To be continue.....)


#unnamed-love story

Tuesday, May 14, 2019


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A Short Romantic Love Story
BY- Pritam tirkey

Chapter-11:i am addicted of you

When Akansha left his room .

(Now,it was almost dark outside)
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic storyshort romantic story-UNNAMED

Aryan cried for many hours in his at night,again he jumped out from his hostel and went to the hospital to his mother.
The operation was done to his mother,she was normal and sleeping.Her sister was with her.....she gave  Akansha credit card to his brother(Aryan).....
Situation was all good.
After that, Aryan returned to his collage.

( morning,next day)

Today Akansha and Aryan both were on time for their classes but Aryan entered the class before Akansha, and took the first bench, but eventually Akansha didnot sat with him,she took the last bench...

(Mam entered in the class and she was quite able to see the change between Aryan and Akansha..)

Mam-Aryan,all good??

Aryan-quite enough!!

Mam-day by day🔄 you guys are getting very much interesting.....i like it...(And she continue on teaching)

Class end up..

At evening
storytellerSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic story

Probably,before this Akansha and Aryan used to share same table on the canteen, everyday.But this evening,Akansha took another table,other than they took everyday,sitting alone.But Aryan was able to find her.He took two coffee from the counter and sat with her.He forced a cup of coffee towards her,she was just ignoring him.
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic storyUNNAMED-story of love

Aryan- if you dont want to talk,then its okk, but you cant ignore this(coffee),...... Because,today you have to pay for your coffee...

Akansha didnt reply...

Aryan- hey,i am sorrryyyy yr.....

Akansha was busy on her phone..she didnt gave a damm shit..

Aryan came-out from his chair,he started doing sit up punishment(i.e holding his ears doing up and down motion).And he was counting............ romanceSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic story

Aryan-1,2,3........15,16 now its paining yarr,please forgive me...


Everyone in the canteen watching them.It was a kind of weird movement for them.So finally Akansha stopped Aryan,and made him sit♿.

After that Akansha call Aryan sister,she talked to her mother,she was fine,she got discharge from hospital and now she was in home.

Aryan mother to Akansha-hello,how are you my child.why dont you come home for dinner this sunday,and also i have lot of things to talk with you,and which couldnt be possible in phone...........
And please get him(Aryan) also.

Akansha-yeah Aunty,obviously we will come,and Aryan is just beside me so......(she gave phone to Aryan...)but Aryan couldnt able to speak,and after few second he gave it phone,back to Akansha.And he made some gesture towards Akansha that'please tell my mother to take medicine on time.

After that Akansha take down the call.

Akansha-why didnt you talk to your mother??

Aryan remain silent.(thinking)

Akansha-okay....well, i can understand that,after going through in such a situation with any person and after that, interacting with the same person is quite embarrassing,difficult.....etc.Yeah,i can understand...(smiling).

Aryan-you are really a the way,you family have some more business also, like coal or bricks??

Akansha-no why❓❓

Aryan-That day, you slapped me so hard yrr,your hands are like labourer...
read stories-storytellerprtm.blogspot.comSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic story

Akansha-you big creep,wait again you will get it.......

Akansha is behind Aryan(running)


Finally they stopped at the garden(which is inside in the campus,not so far from the college canteen).They both sat on the grass, in the garden(gasping)

Aryan returned her credit card.

Aryan-thank you.

Akansha-what i am for you??

Aryan-why we cannot live like this❓❓why you want me in your life??

Akansha-i dont know,why i feel addicted of you....
Leave it,but this sunday get ready,we are going your home....

Akansha left......

(To be continue...)



Monday, May 13, 2019


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A Short Romantic Story
By- pritam tirkey

Chapter-10:Akansha slapped Aryan
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic storystoryteller#prtm

(In morning...)
storytellerSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic story
This morning was quite similar with the other morning schedule.students👥 are trying hard to be on time, for their Akansha was on time but not Aryan.He was quite late..

Aryan-may,i come in mam?

Mam-yet, you are getting late,are you all fine❓,last class you had a fever na??

Aryan-yeah, but,now i am totally cured ....

As usual Akansha was on the first bench,Aryan entered and sat with her,on the first bench...

Mam-Akansha are you comfortable??

Akansha-yeah...(everyone laughs in the class)

The rest day was as normal as everyday......after that the classes end up,everybody went to their hostel...

(At evening)
When Akansha came out from her hostel,he found Aryan, with some another girl in the canteen....she felt really bad. She walked out straight towards them......

Read stories-storyteller#prtmSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic story
She spoke to Aryan( angry)-wow,interesting........i like it.yesterday only you are questioning about, why relationship??
I want friendship.And within 24 hours,you have changed...hahahah(smiling).
if you would have been told me about this,earlier then, i wouldnt felt bad...

She spoke to the girl-who the hell***.......

Aryan- (loudly)she is my sister.

Akansha was so ashamed of himself,that she hugged his sister.she felt really embarrassed,she said her sorry many times and then he left, just by saying- later i will join you....

After sometime,Akansha sees her sister going towards, the exit of the collage by putting her head down,Akansha went to her...

Akansha-i am literally sorry,for what i did..please forgive me.....please...

Her sister didnt say anything,she keeps on moving...when Akansha see towards her,
storytelling tips-storyteller#prtmSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic story

she was crying.Akansha was probably scared,shocked....etc..Her thought was, is because of me??
She asked also, but didnt get any reply.She was continuously crying....So she took her into a coffee shop,near by them.And then her sister explained everything to Akansha,and then Akansha  gave her credit card to her sister....

After that, her sister left Akansha,And after which Akansha straightly went to the boys hostel(Aryan room).She slapped Aryan tightly in his face.
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic storyabout story telling-storyteller#prtm

Aryan- (full angry)what is wrong with you..??

Akansha(full of angry)-it make sense,if i will questioned you the same question.
what type of person you are??
Your mother is on hospital.she requires money for treatment,and when your sister asked you for help,oh sorry,she begged to you......And what you have said- you dont care...

Aryan(shouting)-from where i will get the money??

Akansha(shouting)-it means,you let it your mother die....
Just think of, you didnt even tried......
who am i❓just few days before,we became friends.And my parents are still alive you know it better,but you can see condition..

(Akansha was crying..)

STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic storyUNNAMED-short romantic story

See,you can get it everything by passing scholarship test or any other exam but once,if you loose this,no-matter,how many exam you will crack in the future.its not gonna to come again....

After that Akansha left his room...

(To be continue....)



Saturday, May 11, 2019


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A Short Romantic Story
By- pritam tirkey

Chapter-9:Akansha kissed Aryan

(At night,1:30am)

Akansha called Aryan....

(Aryan was sleeping,suddenly his phone vibrate,he took the call........)

Aryan- hello.....

Akansha- are you sleeping??

Aryan-what a nice question?❓ At 1:30 am....according to you..yeah....strangely,i was sleeping,so whats now❓

Akansha- i am so hungry that,it is impossible to sleep and because of you,i missed my dinner,and now get me something....

Aryan-its not me,its had said- lets go for a walk....not me....

Akansha-but also, because of your agreement......but whatever, please get me something.....i am fucking hungry...

Aryan-are you mad??where i will get food in this campus🌍,at this midnight???but the fact is,whatever i have,you have also....water to drink and air to eat....yeah...enjoy your meal....

Akansha-...............(remain silent)


Akansha-(silently) if you are here for cracking joke, then just take down the call...
,i am hungry yr... have 15 minutes,get ready..

Akansha-where are we going???....hello...??(no reply came,actually Aryan had took down the call..)

(At this night Aryan also shaved his head,now he was away from his weird appearance...and Akansha also managed to come out from his hostel not by the gate but window....they both were well dressed..)

(They were in car..)

Akansha-you had never told me,that you have a car....

Aryan-its not my car,it is an Ambulance of collage.....

Akansha-you are looking hot in this clean shaved head...

Aryan-what do you mean by, in this clean...... I am....(laughing)

Somehow they got a restaurant open at this night,they ate food,and in the restaurant soft music was played and they were many couples who were dancing....Akansha put his hand towards Aryan.....

Akansha-lets dance...

Aryan-(shocked) can i??..Aryan simply joined his hand....i dont know,sorry.i,cant do it....

Akansha forcefully pulled him from the chair and she made him stand on the dance panel...aryan was continuously denying,Akansha made him shut,and she taught him how to do couple dance...she took his one hand and put on her waist....

UNNAMED-storyteller#prtmSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-9-AKANSHA KISSED ARYAN-a short romantic story

(Actually,Akansha dress was backless,so Aryan was uncomfortable touching her waist,where there was no cloth.....all the other peoples in the restaurant were staring them.....Akansha very kindly managed the situation and it become normal again🔄.....
they start dancing....and after few minutes of dancing,Akansha kissed Aryan in his lips,in front of everybody and seeing in his eyes,she proposed him all this moment happened, Aryan was out of his wits,his eyes were completely opened.......After,they came-out from the restaurant,their car(which was Ambulance) didnt start because of low fuel,and their collage was not so far so they decided to walk.......

(For the few yards,both were completely silent..)

Akansha-you didnt reply me❓...what you feel..???

Aryan-thankyou,because...this cant happen,that a girl firstly propose and kiss...
again, thankyou for made me feel special......but, why dont we friends..??

Akansha-this is also very rarely happened,that a boy deny, a girl is so lucky day...all the miracles are occurring..(smiling)

Aryan-yrr....i love you..but why dont we friends??And why do you want a relationship??

Akansha-yrr...just leave it...

Aryan-okk..tell me something, about your family....

Akansha-i am single child of my parents.My mother is housewife and my father is businessman...

Aryan-what type of business??

Akansha-diamonds and jewellery....

Aryan-i am thinking,why dont you directly marry with me...??

(They both were laughing...)
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-9-AKANSHA KISSED ARYAN-a short romantic storystorytellerprtm-read stories

 After walking so long,they has almost reached the collage so by hiding they went their hostels.....

(To be continue....)



Thursday, May 9, 2019


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A Short Romantic Love Story
By- pritam tirkey

Chapter-8:Akansha offered to kiss💋 her..

STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-8- AKANSHA OFFERED TO KISS HER-a short romantic storystoryteller
next morning
Aryan wake up early than Akansha,he rotate his hand and he got a bottle in his hand.He start drinking.
Aryan-now in the flavour of dettol also??

Suddenly Akansha wake up....

Akansha-you dumb,this is dettol,she snatched it from him.

She made Aryan stand. After they went to their hostel, from hospital,they got ready for class and eventually they were late....

Akansha & Aryan- may,i come in mam??

Mam- okk,now, you both are getting late......and Aryan, why are you wearing winter cap,in the summer.....are you fine?...(basically he was trying to hide his ridiculous hair cut by Akansha...)

Aryan- yeah is just viral jaundice....oh..h so.rry mam, its fever....

Mam- okk,come in.....
            (Akansha took the first bench ,even Aryan....they both sat together.....)

Mam- not bad....interesting.....(students laughing)

Class end up...,they both went to their hostels.......
(Now at evening)

This evening, Aryan came-out late,he saw Akansha alone in her table in canteen..he went there,with two coffees and sat....(still wearing his cap)



Aryan- why did you do that??

Akansha- ......even, i dont know...i dont even  thought just happened.....

Akansha- have you completed your coffee???


(Now,Weather was good,cold wind was blowing...)

Akansha- lets go for a walk..and due to this, we could see our college campus....

Aryan- okk...(Aryan was of little shy nature...)
storytellerprtm.blogspot.comSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-8- AKANSHA OFFERED TO KISS HER-a short romantic story
He was so shy
 that,he simply put his both hand in the pocket,walking, slightly behind or ahead of Akansha,and kicking out the stones on the road.....

Aryan-how is your leg???

Akansha-how you know about it?

Aryan-actually,watching you from behind,is quite funny
(Guys,you can well imagine,how anyone will walk if he or she has a problem in one leg...)

Akansha-you ***........wait,she open her one leg slipper.......

Aryan-waiiiiittttt....hold on....actually your bandages are coming out....She just throw at him()....

Aryan put her slipper on her leg,and he fixed her bandages and now Akansha is walking with the help of his arms....


Aryan-i am still figuring out,who gave me this ugly look,who cuted my hair,infact my ears also.....

Akansha-nothing to be am cuted your hair and for ears,i am sorry.....

Aryan-ohh,so confident....(laughing,eventually Aryan left her hand and unfortunately, Akansha fell down on her bum)........and for your kind information,i must tell you,i myself left your hand and now i am not gonna to help you,wake up by yourself....

Akansha-now its one-all.please help me....please...its paining too much and because of you....

This time Aryan,not give his hand,but he totally pulled her on his hand.....
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-8- AKANSHA OFFERED TO KISS HER-a short romantic storyUNNAMED-storyteller#prtm

Aryan- now its fine??

Akansha-hmm...i never thought of that,behind this aggressive,tempered face,there is another person hidden on you,which has a soft heart,calmness.....etc

Aryan-ohh......come-on......just shut up .......

Akansha-while are looking so cute....

Aryan- just shut up,otherwise i will kiss you.....

Akansha-if you want, then you can.....
read romantic story-storytellerprtm.blogspot.comSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-8- AKANSHA OFFERED TO KISS HER-a short romantic story

(After revolving almost 360° of the campus,they were back, at the girls hostel)

Aryan- leave it,now your hostel has came,so come down....

Akansha-why❓Are you gay?? OR, i am not that beautiful??

Aryan-just come down otherwise, again i will left you......

Finally,Akansha back on his foot....they both said good night to each other and went their hostels.......

(At night,1:30am)

Akansha call aryan.............

(To be continue...➡)



Wednesday, May 8, 2019


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A Short Romantic Story
BY- pritam tirkey

Chapter-7:Aryan hospitalised

Since,Aryan has looked himself, he didnt went to the college for the past 7 days.He was within the room,for the last 7 days.within these 7 days,everyday she(Akansha) was searching for him,whenever she enter the class,after the class,in the canteen.....etc.when she couldnt find him, she decided to go to the boys hostel.
Unfortunately,Her first attempt was completely failed.she was being caught by the guard.Her excuses got failed.
So she decided to go for second attempt but with a plan.
(Now it was a night)
THE PLAN WAS one of her friend have to pass in the front of boys hostel,and has to fall pretending to sick in front of guard,so when the guard will go for a help,Akansha will enter in the hostel.
HOPEFULLY,this plan worked out.
Akansha got enter in the hostel,she was so hurry,that her slipper get off from his leg,in the stairs.probably Aryan room was closed,she hitted so hard that the latch fell down.
When the door was open,an undesirable smell was coming out and the room was completely dark,she slowly walked inside the room,a small piece of glass got prickle in her leg....

Probably,Akansha turn on the flash light and the scene was completely uncanny,his room is like a small HELL.And she found, 
storyteller#prtm-storiesSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-7-ARYAN HOSPITALISED -a short romantic story
Aryan lying on the floor INSENSIBLE.

Akansha was suffocating in the room,sometimes, even she felt vomiting.she had a hard feeling for Aryan.she got a full bucket of water and she poured over the aryan.when he came on his wits,he starts vomiting,she worked so hard to take down Aryan,through the stairs.

When guard saw her,he start crackling on her,she made Aryan sit on the guard chair,and she made guard shut by showing his image with her friend.......
(actually that image was,when that girl,one of his friend has fallen,the guard helped her,by taking her on his she threaten guard showing that image......guard got scared and he stops shouting,she also ordered guard to clean the aryan room......

Aryan got admitted in the college hospital
,Doctor told it is not a big issue,by next morning he will be good....Akansha sat on the chair besides Aryan bed,her leg was still bleeding,she asked for bandages,detol....etc and she himself cleaned it and put bandages.luckly she found scissors and she saw towards Aryan,now Akansha has become a barber,she cuted his hair un-directionly,
storytellerprtmSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-7-ARYAN HOSPITALISED -a short romantic story
some were short,big......etc,she was enjoying.

NOW,it was too late that Akansha also fell sleep,she asleep on the chair......

(to be continue....)



Tuesday, May 7, 2019


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A Short Romantic Story
By- pritam tirkey

Chapter-6:Aryan locked himself

STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-6-ARYAN LOCKED HIMSELF-a short romantic storystoryteller

 He went back to the hostel,from the canteen,as we have seen in the chapter-5.
NOW it is  night.Aryan got so many messages and call from his mother,but he didnt care,he just ignored.He also got a message from his sister,the message was- now a days,almost everyday mom and dad has a fight.please come home....please...

Aryan replied- now,i am not your family.i dont have anything to do with you,and whatever things happen it is just for betterment...and stop doing messaging and calls.......

And after this, he again,start taking antitoxication thing(alcohol,cigarette,...etc) abundantly,
storyteller#prtmSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-6-ARYAN LOCKED HIMSELF-a short romantic story
his room is like full of alcohol and cigarette packet.He keeps on taking continuously.He fell sleep,woke up and again........He stopped going college,and he locked himself in a room..

(to be continue.....)



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A Short Romantic Story
By-pritam tirkey

Chapter-5:Akansha meet Aryan

STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-5-AKANSHA MEET ARYAN-a short romantic storystoryteller
As we have seen,in the previous chapter as the class end,everybody went to the hostel except Aryan.He went to the college canteen,ordered a coffee and doing his class work,busy is his study,the time keep on passing.Now it was an evening,Akansha came out alone from her hostel and he found Aryan,alone in the canteen,and she decided to meet she went to his table and asked aryan.
Can i sit here?

Aryan was busy in his own stuff and his head was almost down,without noticing her,he said simply- yes...


Akansha-hello,i am Akansha..
storyteller#prtm-storiesSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-5-AKANSHA MEET ARYAN-a short romantic story

Again,without noticing her,he just said-ARYAN..

Akansha- do you know we are classmate??and(angry) why are you not talking face to face....??

Finally Aryan pulled his gangster looking face,Akansha can see,his face is full of anger.and Akansha feel little bit scary.and then he said- yes,i know...

And he asked Akansha-what you want to take??

Firstly,Akansha was confused,so she was quiet for a few second.....

So without asking her again,he just ordered a coffee for Akansha...
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-5-AKANSHA MEET ARYAN-a short romantic storyUNNAMED-storyteller#prtm


Akansha- why dont you shave??you look like RAVEN-a large black crow......

By the time Akansha's coffee arrived,Aryan packed his stuff and start moving towards his hostel......

Akansha(shouting)-what happen man?? yet we have not shared coffee also and if you feel bad about my words then i must tell you- this is true.... 

Aryan didnt reply he was, on his way......

By the time,Akansha completed her coffee,she suddenly realised 
storytellerprtm.blogspot.comSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-5-AKANSHA MEET ARYAN-a short romantic story
that Aryan didnt paid for their silently she went to coffee counter and starts begging that,uncle- i will pay it tomorrow,now i dont have my purse,please give me one day,i swear i will give you tomorrow..please......etc

Coffee uncle- you dont have to pay💷💷 happy..

Akansha didnt question,why???she just ran to the hostel

Akansha- also appeared,the question was fucking tuff..Now i understand why he look like RAVEN⛇⛇⛇.....

(This was terribly, the first meeting of  Akansha with Aryan).........

(To be continue......)