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Wednesday, May 22, 2019


story of story writing..


First of all,i am not a professional writer not even know the correct way of writing.But hopefully,i have written one short romantic story.If you want to checkout my story,click down below the cover page of my story.
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So,if you ask me or i have to answer this question-how to write stories??

Being,not a professional writer,but just because i have written one short story,i want to just express my thoughts on how to write stories??

See,everyone knows,every story has 3 segment.

In first segment-characters are introduced.

In second segment-The action part.

And the third segment- conclusion.

So,i personally think,if you want to write stories,atleast you should have an idea of you story,how you begin your story and how you endup.The climax or conclusion of a story should be impusive.It should be something like unpredictable or heart touching.
And in the middle section,you should have to be creative.How you let your story to an end,which you like to.This segment of your story shows,how much weight does your story carry.In this segment you have to more creative.

Writing story is like you have to play both the role(HERO and VILLAIN) on the paper.And you have to really take care about both the characters.

See,it is known to everybody,that at the end hero won.Most probably this is common with every story.The most important is how and in what situation your hero won.

So for a good story THINK DIFFERENT and CREATIVE.

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