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Tuesday, May 14, 2019


A Short Romantic Love Story
BY- Pritam tirkey

Chapter-11:i am addicted of you

When Akansha left his room .

(Now,it was almost dark outside)
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic storyshort romantic story-UNNAMED

Aryan cried for many hours in his at night,again he jumped out from his hostel and went to the hospital to his mother.
The operation was done to his mother,she was normal and sleeping.Her sister was with her.....she gave  Akansha credit card to his brother(Aryan).....
Situation was all good.
After that, Aryan returned to his collage.

( morning,next day)

Today Akansha and Aryan both were on time for their classes but Aryan entered the class before Akansha, and took the first bench, but eventually Akansha didnot sat with him,she took the last bench...

(Mam entered in the class and she was quite able to see the change between Aryan and Akansha..)

Mam-Aryan,all good??

Aryan-quite enough!!

Mam-day by day🔄 you guys are getting very much interesting.....i like it...(And she continue on teaching)

Class end up..

At evening
storytellerSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic story

Probably,before this Akansha and Aryan used to share same table on the canteen, everyday.But this evening,Akansha took another table,other than they took everyday,sitting alone.But Aryan was able to find her.He took two coffee from the counter and sat with her.He forced a cup of coffee towards her,she was just ignoring him.
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic storyUNNAMED-story of love

Aryan- if you dont want to talk,then its okk, but you cant ignore this(coffee),...... Because,today you have to pay for your coffee...

Akansha didnt reply...

Aryan- hey,i am sorrryyyy yr.....

Akansha was busy on her phone..she didnt gave a damm shit..

Aryan came-out from his chair,he started doing sit up punishment(i.e holding his ears doing up and down motion).And he was counting............ romanceSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic story

Aryan-1,2,3........15,16 now its paining yarr,please forgive me...


Everyone in the canteen watching them.It was a kind of weird movement for them.So finally Akansha stopped Aryan,and made him sit♿.

After that Akansha call Aryan sister,she talked to her mother,she was fine,she got discharge from hospital and now she was in home.

Aryan mother to Akansha-hello,how are you my child.why dont you come home for dinner this sunday,and also i have lot of things to talk with you,and which couldnt be possible in phone...........
And please get him(Aryan) also.

Akansha-yeah Aunty,obviously we will come,and Aryan is just beside me so......(she gave phone to Aryan...)but Aryan couldnt able to speak,and after few second he gave it phone,back to Akansha.And he made some gesture towards Akansha that'please tell my mother to take medicine on time.

After that Akansha take down the call.

Akansha-why didnt you talk to your mother??

Aryan remain silent.(thinking)

Akansha-okay....well, i can understand that,after going through in such a situation with any person and after that, interacting with the same person is quite embarrassing,difficult.....etc.Yeah,i can understand...(smiling).

Aryan-you are really a the way,you family have some more business also, like coal or bricks??

Akansha-no why❓❓

Aryan-That day, you slapped me so hard yrr,your hands are like labourer...
read stories-storytellerprtm.blogspot.comSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-11-I AM HABITUATED OF YOU-a short romantic story

Akansha-you big creep,wait again you will get it.......

Akansha is behind Aryan(running)


Finally they stopped at the garden(which is inside in the campus,not so far from the college canteen).They both sat on the grass, in the garden(gasping)

Aryan returned her credit card.

Aryan-thank you.

Akansha-what i am for you??

Aryan-why we cannot live like this❓❓why you want me in your life??

Akansha-i dont know,why i feel addicted of you....
Leave it,but this sunday get ready,we are going your home....

Akansha left......

(To be continue...)



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