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Monday, May 13, 2019


A Short Romantic Story
By- pritam tirkey

Chapter-10:Akansha slapped Aryan
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic storystoryteller#prtm

(In morning...)
storytellerSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic story
This morning was quite similar with the other morning schedule.students👥 are trying hard to be on time, for their Akansha was on time but not Aryan.He was quite late..

Aryan-may,i come in mam?

Mam-yet, you are getting late,are you all fine❓,last class you had a fever na??

Aryan-yeah, but,now i am totally cured ....

As usual Akansha was on the first bench,Aryan entered and sat with her,on the first bench...

Mam-Akansha are you comfortable??

Akansha-yeah...(everyone laughs in the class)

The rest day was as normal as everyday......after that the classes end up,everybody went to their hostel...

(At evening)
When Akansha came out from her hostel,he found Aryan, with some another girl in the canteen....she felt really bad. She walked out straight towards them......

Read stories-storyteller#prtmSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic story
She spoke to Aryan( angry)-wow,interesting........i like it.yesterday only you are questioning about, why relationship??
I want friendship.And within 24 hours,you have changed...hahahah(smiling).
if you would have been told me about this,earlier then, i wouldnt felt bad...

She spoke to the girl-who the hell***.......

Aryan- (loudly)she is my sister.

Akansha was so ashamed of himself,that she hugged his sister.she felt really embarrassed,she said her sorry many times and then he left, just by saying- later i will join you....

After sometime,Akansha sees her sister going towards, the exit of the collage by putting her head down,Akansha went to her...

Akansha-i am literally sorry,for what i did..please forgive me.....please...

Her sister didnt say anything,she keeps on moving...when Akansha see towards her,
storytelling tips-storyteller#prtmSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic story

she was crying.Akansha was probably scared,shocked....etc..Her thought was, is because of me??
She asked also, but didnt get any reply.She was continuously crying....So she took her into a coffee shop,near by them.And then her sister explained everything to Akansha,and then Akansha  gave her credit card to her sister....

After that, her sister left Akansha,And after which Akansha straightly went to the boys hostel(Aryan room).She slapped Aryan tightly in his face.
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic storyabout story telling-storyteller#prtm

Aryan- (full angry)what is wrong with you..??

Akansha(full of angry)-it make sense,if i will questioned you the same question.
what type of person you are??
Your mother is on hospital.she requires money for treatment,and when your sister asked you for help,oh sorry,she begged to you......And what you have said- you dont care...

Aryan(shouting)-from where i will get the money??

Akansha(shouting)-it means,you let it your mother die....
Just think of, you didnt even tried......
who am i❓just few days before,we became friends.And my parents are still alive you know it better,but you can see condition..

(Akansha was crying..)

STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-10-AKANSHA SLAPPED ARYAN-a short romantic storyUNNAMED-short romantic story

See,you can get it everything by passing scholarship test or any other exam but once,if you loose this,no-matter,how many exam you will crack in the future.its not gonna to come again....

After that Akansha left his room...

(To be continue....)



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