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Wednesday, May 15, 2019


A Short Romantic Love Story
By-pritam tirkey

Chapter-12:Akansha smoked🚬
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic storylovely short story-UNNAMED

(This coming sunday,Akansha is invited for dinner,including Aryan by his mother.)

On saturday night.

Aryan called Akansha
storytellerSTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic story

Aryan-hey,how are you??Arr you ready for tomorrow❓❔

Akansha-100%,i am very much excited to meet Aunty,and most importantly i am missing home food,so i am extremely glad......

Aryan-okk.....but....the thing is that i am not going.

Akansha-what❓❓.But why❓what is your problem man??After so long you will meet,you should be happy about this.......

Aryan(interrupting)-HOLD ON,First listen to me..........i am not ready.

Akansha-what do you mean by-i am not ready??you are not going for a interview for MNC,
If you will not go,then i am also not going.
Its done.
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic storyunnamed-story of romance

Aryan-see,i have my own emotions,reason..etc.But you dont have any serious reason.They have planned also, for tomorrow dinner.If either of us will no go,then it is a kind of heart breaking movement for them.
Please go,make that night worth it.......
see,i will drop you there and after that i will came also, to pick you.

Akansha(thinking)- if he wanted sometime then, let it be.I hope things will better with time.

Akansha-okay then.

(Next day,Sunday evening)

storyteller#prtm-love storySTORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic story

Aryan dropped Akansha.She meet with his family...

Akansha-hello Aunty,how are you??

Aryan mom-i am good.what about you??

After she met Akansha,her eyes was searching for his son(Aryan),but she couldnt found.

Aryan mom-Aryan didnt come??

Akansha-Aunty,he wanted some time.I think he is now regretting...

Aryan mom-okk leave it,lets have a dinner,foods are getting cold..

(They all are doing dinner)

Akansha-Aunty,you did a great job.I am loving this food.Infact it is much better than my home food..........

Aryan mom-thankyou......but i dont know.....what should i favour to you,instead of what you...............

Akansha-Aunty,now i am enjoying this movement as well as food.why are you ruining this movement by talking this rubbish.I am not here for this....
It is not a big deal.The most important thing is your are fine.
I have not done a great job.Most importantly,i should say thank you for this lovely food.....

(After few minutes,dinner over.....)

At last,she made his mother believe that,dont worry, definitely he will come home very-very soon.........
Good night Aunty....

(Aryan was there to pick Akansha....they were in car)

Aryan-how was the food??


Aryan-okk,then.......she didnt send for me??

Akansha-ohh..ho, look at the ATTITUDE.I like this.
You dont want to go home.
You dont want to meet.
You dont even talk.
But you want food.....(smiling).It is like,your parents did a mistake to you.
Actually your mother was giving but i denied.

Aryan-And Because of that,i had not taken my dinner.And now i am hungry...

Akansha-No problem,take this,i am sure you will not feel anymore hungry..

Aryan(shocked)-when you have started smoking??
(Akansha was smoking in the car)
STORYTELLER-UNNAMED-CH-12-AKANSHA SMOKED-a short romantic storyread love stories-storyteller#prtm

Akansha-Basically,i got an answer of why you dont love me??.which you was not giving.
Why you will love me??........
you are already in love with these antitoxication thing.(cigarette,alcohol....etc).So i thought,why dont i fell in love with these.may be things will change...........
(And throughout the the road,she was continuously smoking...)

(The love begins.......)

(To be continue.....)


#unnamed-love story

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